Since 1968, the Cheektowaga Police Club Inc has represented Sergeants, Detectives, and Police Officers within the Town of Cheektowaga.

The COVID-19 pandemic and national unrest are unprecedented experiences for all of us. Our members, along with other first responders, have served on the front lines of police response, aided in medical emergencies, and managed the social landscape of 2020, while at the same time ensuring the security and well-being of our community. Through it all, our members worked relentlessly and followed safety guidelines when responding to emergency calls or interacting with the public, yet 15% of our members were affected by the illness. Fortunately, all have recovered.

As an organization, the Police Club protects the health and welfare of its members and has an active role in the community, contributing to hundreds of worthwhile organizations, working with community leaders, and assisting victims of fires and crimes. The Club has sponsored numerous little league teams, toy drives, and food drives. Some of our recent recipients include Food Bank of Western New York, Toys for Tots, Wounded Warriors, Catch a Falling Star, Cheektowaga Hospice Campus, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Cheektowaga Senior Citizens Center, Cradle Beach Camp, Erie County SPCA, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Cheektowaga Police Explorer Scouts.

The members of the Cheektowaga Police Club are committed to working with our community to make the Town of Cheektowaga a safe place to live, raise a family, and also run a business.